Thursday, July 7, 2016

Last Week!

Hi everyone,

This came around very quickly!  My last day in Room 2 for two terms.  Thankyou for all the kind wishes and presents from everyone!  I will come back brimming with ideas for Science for the whole school 18 month Science Programme.

reports are available to look at. They may have already been shared with you and you can also access them through your child's school g-mail address.

Today we celebrated Crazy Hair and Red Socks Day, Raising funds to the Sir Peter Blake Foundation and also HAVING FUN LOOKING CRAZY!  Here are a couple of photos.

  First Navara Hovell-Garlick, Second Abbie Pretty, Third = Ella Krutz and Aidan Campbell.

Star of the Week for Week 9 was Chloe Clark

Star of the Week for Week 10 was Abbie Pretty.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hi everyone,

Catch-up time.  Firstly our Stars of the Week.

Week 8 Francis De-Jager Rich for having a great Attitude to thinking.

Week 7 Rhomyn Iosia for showing Aroha by being very helpful in the classroom.

Week 6 Jareth Milich for showing Aroha with regard to his choices around where he works best.


All of Room Two is to be  commended with regard to their behaviour on our incredibly successful visit to Aotearoa Pa and the welcome onto the Marae.  In fact the whole school can be extremely proud.

I now only have these last two week in the class and Ms Ryder and I are working to ensure a smooth changeover for the students.  As a lot of the Year 5 students are already familiar with Ms Ryder as a teacher I am confident all will go well.

Next Thursday I am providing a Good Behviour party.  The students decided this would be a good thing to aim for as an incentive to modifying their  'too enthusiastic noise levels' in class, especially at transition time.  They have worked hard and now all I have to do is stand in one spot and they know straight away what to do!

Reports are being worked on and will be fully updated by Friday 8th July.

We are hosting the Kissick Eraio Sports Tournament next week.

The P.T,A, Quiz Night is also next week.  A reminder that all items for the grocery raffle need to by in as soon as possible.

Helen Duff

Friday, June 3, 2016

Week update

Welcome back to our blog.  Did you know there are families and others school from all over the world visiting our blogsite? That really opens up the world for our students!  Learning is worldwide.

Two new students have begun this past week. We say a BIG HELLO to Billie Cresswell  from Merrilands and Sammy Hancock-Gray from Auroa. We say farewell to Nicholas Carson who is now attending Auroa School.

Testing is mostly finished and we only have to catch up students who have been away.

Our garden plot has been tended by enthusiastic children.  A huge dose of  compost (that we made!!!)
has been spread over our plot. The herbs are doing well, the hedge has been trimmed and broccoli will be planted on Monday.  Every student has also been able to plant a bulb in its own jiffy pot.  These will be sent home once they have sprouted.

STAR OF THE WEEK, for week 4 was Brianna Chatterton-Lees for being a very proactive MOA enthusiast and finishing her movie script.

STAR OF THE WEEK, for week 5 was Shavaana Terrill for thinking about her learning and achieving well.

While the weather is still fine (!!!!) we will continue to be outside playing, gardening etc.  Please send you child to school in appropriately WARM CLOTHES!! There are so many sneezes and snuffles and unwell children in class it is making it hard for them to concentrate and learn.

Homework update is one the homework page.

Ka kite
Miss Duff

Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 4 Catch up

Kia ora te whanau,

The past 2 weeks have been incredibly busy with Skills For Life, Cycle Safety, Sport the beginning of testing and also Parent Teacher interviews.  This Thursday we are hosting the annual Eraio - Kissick  Memorial Sports Day. Be prepared to participate or cheer on your classmates. Bring a raincoat!

As most of you will know I am away terms 3 and 4 on a Science scholarship designed to raise the awareness of the Nature of Science and also to help other teachers in our school cluster bring science into their classes as a regular item, integrated with other learning. Science is all around us all of the time! Sandra Ryder will be moving into Room 2 for those terms.

Star of the week for week 2 was Aidan Campbell for having a great attitude to all his learning.

Star of the week for week 3 was Shannon Wyllie for excellent recount writing and thinking about her topic more widely.

This week please make sure your student(s) are well fed and well rested. TESTING requires a lot of concentration and children need an average of 11 hours sleep per night.

Ka kite ano.
Miss Duff

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 1 Term 2.

Our current Star of the Week is Euan Dwyer for having an excellent attitude to reading.

Our previous Star of the Week was Jasmine Stewart for having an excellent attitude to all  her work.

Our main focus this term is our trip to Aotearoa Pa and being welcomed onto their Marae. This will take place in June.  Girls will need to wear a skirt with shorts underneath as we will be sitting on the ground for some activities.  Boys can wear long pants, jeans etc just as long as everything is clean and tidy.

For Writing we are visiting Narratives, Poetry and Letters. In Maths we are currently looking at multiplication arrays and trying to stop counting on our fingers!  Please encourage your child to try and solve basic fact problems by using their minds, not their fingers.  Art will be based around Maori designs and the students will be able to opt for modern or old style colours. French involves learning about the days of the week and months of the year, Les jour de la semaine and Les mois de l'anee.

Homework is becoming a problem with Black Diaries simply not getting into school.  Students gain merit stickers for completing their reading, spelling and maths each week. These go onto their Merit Cards and eventually will earn them a bronze, silver, gold and platinum card.  Those who achieve will go to the PLATINUM PARTY at the end of the year.

Parent Teacher Interviews are are being held on the 19th of May and coincide with the Warrior visit to our school!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

WEEK 11!

The last week is here already and we are gradually winding down to Friday. Homework is due this week, both Maths and Class.

We say farewell to Lily Bishop who is off to her new school in Inglewood. A shared lunch is taking place in class on Thursday and a notice will be going home on Monday about this. Lily is a big part of our class. We will miss her and wish her all the best, kia kaha and arohanui Lily.

Our Star of the Week for week 10 was Brock Horne for his very descriptive writing about his Easter Weekend. Super work Brock!

On Friday we held GREEN DAY to  fundraise for the Saint John Ambulance cause.  Ruby Guise is a member of the Cadet Core and shared with us what she learns each week, fun and serious activities.
It was great to have a real live focus to our fundraising.  Our target was $100.00 and we exceeded that. The final total will be put in the thermometer in the Hub.  Thankyou everyone.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Phew, the Jubilee is over  and what a terrific weekend!  It was amazing to listen to other people's experiences of our awesome school.

I was blown away by all the positive comments about our school environment, especially the gardens and all the great artwork on the wall. Of course the biggest change has been the introduction of computer technology to the school and just how well we utilize that to help our students prepare for their future.

In our class we created a giant abstract mural of Ka Upokonui.  First we all experimented with mixing paint to create different shades and textures. Then we had to cut  our artwork up into small squares and use them to build the body of the river.  We used the same technique to create the stones around the edge.  On this background a variety of work was displayed. I used the word 'patchwork' to communicate the effect I wanted. Very few knew what that meant so I used the word 'pixels' instead.  Success!

Our Star of the Week for last week was Mekaiah Iosia. She is a very hardworking and conscientious student with a great attitude to learning.

Our Star of the week for this week is Lily Bishop. Lily has become a great independent worker and an i-mac expert.

Our simile work is complete and there are some amazing examples of descriptive language on the wall. These examples will be inserted into each child's e-portfolio over the next few weeks, along with art, reading, maths and theme work.

For the next two weeks we will be working to  understand what makes a piece of writing a really great piece of writing. Learning how to notice that a word isn't correct is a skill we will be practicing in conjunction with how to go about changing it. Sentences must also make sense and communicate what we want our reader to see in their mind. It is like painting a picture for someone else.

Reading will involve key word consolidation, flow charts and story reviews.

In maths we are looking at geometry, specifically 2D and 3D  shapes and how to describe them in mathematical language.

For art you child is making an abstract style, oversized  tea cup or coffee mug and exploring very fine detailing on the collage style decoration.

Ka kite ano
Miss Duff